В летнем номере журнала Fleur creatif была опубликована статья об Александре Бермякове

В летнем номере журнала Fleur creatif опубликована статья про флориста Александра Бермякова. Здесь мы приводим оригинальный текст статьи.

International young talent

At the mention of Saint Petersburg, Russia' magnificent city of the Tsars, legend and romance leap to mind. With its opulent history and baroque architecture, Peter, The Greats, famed Winter Palace now home to the Art filled Hermitage Museum, its Castles and Cathedrals, Squares, Triumphal Arches and languid waterways it continues to set the stage for a rich cultural life of art, theatre, ballet, literature, poetry, music and beauty we have come to respect as thoroughly Russian.

It also happens to be, in this century, the home and workplace of talented prize gathering young florist Alexander Bermyakov. With his father Vladimir, himself a former Russian Florist champion, he is co director of "Tsubaky" a flourishing florist shop in the heart of Saint Petersburg.

Over the last ten years, Alexander has made a noticeable niche for himself at home and abroad, traveling to competitions and demonstrations from Armenia to Amsterdam and collecting award winning places at every turn.

Lately he travelled to China as a consultant searching for and discussing new product ideas for the Russian market. Some time in the future he hopes to visit Latin America maybe for pleasure alone or to the flower growers of Ecuador and Columbia. Russia is recognized as the strongest buyer of haute couture flowers in the world and has set high standards for its florist designers to use them. The expensive Extreme Rose, grown in the Equatorial Andes (it grows to the height of six feet) was developed especially for this demanding market. However this rose it is definitely not a favourite of Bermyakovs. He prefers different kinds of flowers and plant materials and enjoys growing for himself, collecting and using wild swamp grasses and botanicals he finds nearby in the Gulf of Finland, in his work Like many global florists he has an ongoing love affaire with Orchids, particularly Vanda, spending many "stolen from the flower shop", moments tending them.

Bermyakovs greatest challenge he claims, is to keep at improving in his work, to which end he is inspired by the floral artist designers, Daniel Ost, Tomas De Bruyne, Gregor Lersch and Life three.

Watch for evidence of Alexander Bermyakov's work in publications, competitions and demonstrations through out the floral world, visit his website www.tsubaky.ru. He is definitely an emerging florist to know.

Aleaxander Bermyakov, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Опубликовано: Fleur creatif (summer 2007), Isabel Gilbert Palmer